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View Single Server


Once you have deployed an instant server, you may want to view it!

Keep in mind that this is only for servers that have instant deployment enabled (see our plans page)


Our REST API endpoint for plans is available here:

You need to include the following:

Name Type Description
api_key String Your API key
api_token String Your API token
server String The ID of your server


Name Type Description
success Boolean Whether your request succeeded
server Object Object of the following parameters
id String ID of the server
name String The custom name that you set for the server on creation
os String Operating System
gpu_count Integer Number of graphics cards
gpu_model String Type of graphics card attached
cost Object List of costs of the resource
disk Integer Integer of the GB of storage on the VM
ram Integer MB of RAM
vcpus Integer Number of CPU threads allocated
links Object Links to the resource in question
status String "Provisioning," "Running," or "Terminated"


Example request:

curl ""

Example response:

        "id": "myServerID",
        "os":"Ubuntu 18.04",
        "gpu_count": 8,
        "gpu_model": "V100 16GB NVLink",
        "disk": 3000,
        "vcpus": 16,
            "hour": 25
        "status": "Running"