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Plans are different machine configurations.


Our REST API endpoint for plans is available here:

There is no authentication required, so a simple GET request is sufficient.

Optionally, you can any of the following:

Name Type Description
limit Int Limit the number of servers that will be retuned


Name Type Description
plans Array An array of flavor objects
id String A string of the flavor's ID
name String A string of the flavor's name. Typically this is the same as the ID
fast_deploy Boolean Whether you can deploy this server via our instant deployment API
disk Int The disk size, in GB
gpu_count Int The number of GPUs
gpu_model String The name of the GPU
os_options String The operating systems that can be deployed. Linux (Ubuntu 18.04), Windows (Windows 10), or Any (either)
ram Int MB of RAM
stock Int Number of machines in-stock. If the number is 999, we are not exactly sure of the stock, but we will contact you if we run out.
swap Int Swapfile size of the operating system image, typically zero
vcpus Int Number of CPU threads
links Array Links to the resources in question
cost Object Costs for different commit periods
extra_specs Object Miscellaneous information
extra_specs: region String Region of the machine. North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, or Oceania
extra_specs: country String Country of the machine
extra_specs: cpu_model String CPU model
extra_specs: network_speed Float Network Speed, in gigabits per second
extra_specs: storage_type String SATA SSD, or NVMe SSD
extra_specs: virtualization String Bare Metal, or Virtual Machine for KVM virtual machines

Example Response

"plans": [
        "id": "rec3gucteDeyzXXyL",
        "name": "rec3gucteDeyzXXyL",
        "disk": 3000,
        "gpu_count": 8,
        "gpu_model": "V100 16GB NVLink",
        "os_options": "Linux",
        "ram": 386048,
        "stock": 999,
        "swap": 0,
        "vcpus": 16,
        "links": [
                "href": "",
                "rel": "configure"
                "href": "",
                "rel": "self"
        "cost": {
            "month": 3400,
            "quarter": 9000,
            "week": 880,
            "year": 33000
        "extra_specs": {
            "region": "North America",
            "country": "United States",
            "cpu_model": "Intel Xeon Silver 4208",
            "network_speed": 0.1,
            "storage_type": "SATA SSD",
            "virtualization": "Bare Metal"